Supporting Connected Communities

We develop sharable infrastructure to facilitate the connected communities of the future.

What are we?

Infrastructure Experts

Northward Infrastructure is a subsidiary creation of communication infrastructure contractor Wesbell Technologies. 

We are developers, owners, and managers of the digital infrastructures that serve our communities as critical points for connection. 

The availability of mobile broadband, electronic signage, electric vehicle charging stations, and edge computing enhance the value and customer experiences at our partner’s properties.

Illustration Collage for Northward Towers

Our Services

What do we Offer?

Developer & Owner

We are developers and owners of communication infrastructures including macro towers, micro and meso towers, and in-building wireless systems.

Site Management

We continuously manage existing communications infrastructure assets including towers, rooftops, municipal assets, and more.


We offer enticing options for coverage or capacity solutions to meet the needs of wireless carriers in all markets.​

5G Smart Infrastructure

Create smart towers to intertwine telecommunications into visually appealing everyday architecture.


The development and construction of brand-new towers, from initial planning to final completion based on requirements.


We are always seeking ways to assist third parties in capitalizing on the worth of their wireless infrastructure assets.

Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are a huge part of our future. We develop and manage electric vehicle charging station locations for property owners.

eNable Hybrid Node

Electric vehicles are a huge part of our future. We develop and manage electric vehicle charging station locations for property owners.

Digital Media

Northward Infrastructure both develops and owns digital media infrastructure and signage locations throughout Canada.

View Our eNable Hybrid Solutions

The Northward team came together to create a new solution for the deployment of next-generation technologies, the “eNable Hybrid Node.”

Our Vision

Canadian leaders in sharable infrastructure solutions.

Mission Statement

We dedicate Northward Infrastructure to reducing the duplication of single-use infrastructure through the development of shareable structures that communicate with the communities we serve.

Core Values

We pride ourselves on achieving excellence in the core areas of stakeholder focus; innovation, flexibility, and commitment; to the communities we serve. With our Vision as the goal, our Mission as the map, and our Values as our conscience, we are committed to creating value for all our stakeholders.

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