eNable Hybrid Solutions

eNable Solo Solution

Structure Information

Our eNable Solo Pole Has Three Solutions.

Up to 25m modular design capable of supporting mobile broadband operators, optional 4-10 EV charging stations at base, future ready for IoT/Mobile Edge Compute (power/fiber).


The Solution

There are two customizable design solutions for our solo poles. We have the Dumbbell design, and the Composite pole design with cabinets. We also supply our customers with a third solo pole design called Vertex by Valmont.


Mobile Broadband

Our solo pole concept is an enhanced design for broadband carriers that allows their equipment to function at its best. It is also visually appealing with a variety of options for different layouts and add-ons to fit the customer’s specific needs. 


EV Charging Stations

Optional 4-10 EV charging stations at the base.

Working with well-known EVCS brands.

Solo Pole Solutions

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