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Developer & Owner

We are developers and owners of communication infrastructures including macro towers, micro and meso towers, and in-building wireless systems.

Our macro towers, strategically placed in key locations, ensure extensive wireless coverage over large areas. 

For urban and suburban areas where space is limited, our compact micro towers seamlessly blend into the surroundings while maintaining reliable signal quality. 

Meso towers serve medium-sized coverage areas, offering dependable wireless services to residential neighbourhoods and business districts. 

Additionally, our in-building wireless systems cater to various establishments, such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, and hotels, providing seamless coverage and improved connectivity for an enhanced user experience. 

With our expertise and resources, we design, build, maintain, and operate diverse wireless assets, aiming to deliver comprehensive and reliable communication solutions that support our clients’ growth and success in today’s increasingly connected world.

Site Management

Site management involves overseeing and maintaining cell tower sites to ensure optimal performance.

Northward can manage existing wireless assets on an owner’s behalf. In addition to managing day-to-day operations and maintenance we leverage our close relationships with carriers to actively market tower locations.

We offer comprehensive services, including equipment installation and maintenance, lease management, regulatory compliance, network optimization, and emergency response. 

Northward provides expertise, industry knowledge, and streamlined processes to effectively manage cell tower sites, allowing you to focus on your customers and deliver reliable services to your customers.


Co-location in the telecommunications industry refers to the practice of multiple telecom carriers or service providers housing their equipment and infrastructure in a shared facility or data center.

At our company, we offer comprehensive co-location services to meet the diverse needs of our clients; by leveraging our extensive network and partnerships, we provide a secure and reliable environment for housing telecom equipment. 

Utilizing our responsive Business Development Team and our search tool allows for quick and efficient identification of available towers and infrastructure for co-location. Our detailed analytics provide us with an understanding of sites from a Wireless Network, EV Charging, and Digital Out of Home Media perspective and the viability of our eNable Hybrid structure versus a traditional tower design. 

 With a continuously expanding list of structures throughout Canada, we offer enticing options for coverage or capacity solutions to meet the needs of wireless carriers in all markets.


Build-to-suit for cell towers involves constructing a custom-designed tower to meet the specific requirements of a telecommunications company.

Build-to-suit is an alternative to leasing or acquiring an existing tower. If our clients’ needs cannot be met by an existing tower or available infrastructure, Northward provides comprehensive tower development services. 

Our expertise includes the development and construction of brand-new towers, from initial planning to final completion. Additionally, we continuously expand our asset inventory by incorporating new sites.

With our expertise, we provide cost-effective solutions for seamless connectivity and improved network coverage, tailored to our clients’ needs.


Site acquisition plays a critical role in identifying suitable locations for current and future towers.

Northward is actively engaged in the telecommunications industry, specializing in communications tower and land acquisition. Our company is continuously seeking opportunities to assist third parties in monetizing the value of their wireless infrastructure assets. With our substantial financial resources, we are able to provide competitive pricing and execute transactions swiftly.

We offer comprehensive services to assist our clients in this process. Our site acquisition services encompass evaluating coverage requirements, analyzing zoning regulations, assessing property accessibility, and negotiating lease agreements with property owners. We leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to identify optimal sites that meet the specific needs of our clients. Additionally, we handle all the necessary paperwork and documentation related to site acquisition, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Our goal is to streamline the site acquisition process and provide our clients with the ideal locations to deploy their telecommunication infrastructure.

Our goal is to help clients maximize the value of their assets while ensuring a seamless and efficient acquisition process. We understand the importance of prompt execution in the telecommunications industry and strive to deliver timely and favourable outcomes for our clients.

5G Smart Infrastructure

Northward provides 5G smart infrastructure, recognizing its importance in transforming industries and advancing connectivity.

5G smart infrastructure is vital because it unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses and organizations. With our expertise in designing, building, and maintaining this advanced network, we empower our clients to harness the benefits of ultra-fast speeds, low latency, and high capacity. This enables them to leverage innovative applications and services, such as IoT, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles. 

Our 5G smart infrastructure helps businesses stay ahead in the digital age, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. By partnering with us, clients can confidently navigate the evolving landscape of connectivity and leverage the opportunities provided by this cutting-edge technology.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is an integral part of many aspects of modern life, providing critical connectivity & communication solutions to individuals, businesses, & communities.

Wireless broadband offers a multitude of benefits for both individuals and businesses alike. It provides flexibility and convenience, allowing users to access the internet from anywhere within their coverage area. This means increased mobility and productivity, as well as the ability to stay connected on-the-go.  Wireless internet has become a necessity in today’s world, providing various benefits like convenient access to information, entertainment, e-commerce, and social media. 

As a company, we offer wireless broadband to provide our customers with fast and reliable internet access that meets their needs for speed, efficiency, and convenience. We understand the importance of staying connected in today’s fast-paced world, and strive to offer the best solutions to help our customers stay ahead.

EV Charging Stations

The accelerating growth of EV adoption is inevitable,
and destination charging is a key component to its success.

The eNable Hybrid Node provides multiple Level 2 AC charging stations plus room to grow with your customer base. We provide power distribution in a concealed integrated system and install the infrastructure in a single mobilization.

Electronic Media

Electronic media signs provide the maximum impact for today’s marketing budget. 

Electronic media signs are the fastest-growing segment of the sign industry. This eye-catching advertising medium will affect the businesses occupying your properties positively.

Allow your tenant to communicate more effectively with potential consumers through real-time, customizable electronic advertising that you can update from home. Efficiently designed, continuously changing, illuminated messages attract attention and customers.

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